Up to 107 criminal charges could be filed against the certifying officers and culpable individuals who signed off on what has been deemed an illegal retroactive pay adjustment provided to 107 members of the governor's staffers in December 2014, said Phil Tydingco, chief prosecutor with the O…

After more than a week of intermittent complaints about smoke and dust from the burning of green waste left by Typhoon Dolphin, Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera has opted to let the burner stay in its current position under advisement from government officials.


We commend the public safety agencies on Guam for their efforts in arriving at a reasonable approach to the recent spate of bomb threats on the island. After dozens of highly disruptive threats resulting in evacuations of schools, businesses and government offices, the disruptions have taper…

So former Gov. Felix Camacho announced last week that he is in the running for Guam’s delegate to Congress. No surprise there as the two-time Republican governor has expressed this interest way back in 2010, when his second and last term as governor was ending. He even sent to D.C. his right…


It was senior night at the FD Phoenix Center and the Friar seniors did not disappoint their family and friends, getting the big win over the St. John’s Knights 69-36. FD had nine seniors and all shared playing time in the first half as the Friars shut down the Knights early.

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HAVANA – The heads of the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches will hold a historic meeting Friday in the threadbare international airport of an officially secular, communist-run tropical island. Odd as the location seems, Pope Francis' and Patriarch Kirill's attempt to reconcile the…

A girl helps the other one with make-up as performers wait for their turn to go onto the stage at the Longtan park as the Chinese Lunar New Year, which welcomes the Year of the Monkey, is celebrated in Beijing, China, on Tuesday. Reuters



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