Deadline for USDOL contractor wage survey is Aug. 31

MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Contractors work on the construction of facilities in northern Guam to support the relocation of U.S. Marines to Guam on April 19. The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor is conducting a survey of wages in Guam's construction industry to determine the prevailing wages that should be paid to workers. Post file photo

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division is asking Guam’s building, residential, heavy and highway construction employers to help the agency establish accurate rates and complete wage determination by participating in a prevailing wage survey.

The federal Davis-Bacon and Related Acts requires prevailing wages be paid to workers on federal and federally funded projects. The Davis-Bacon Act directs the Department of Labor to determine such locally prevailing wage rates.

The wage is typically based on ongoing or recently completed construction projects within a geographic area. In the case of the current U.S. DOL survey, it is not limited to federally funded construction projects and includes active building, residential, heavy and highway construction projects in Guam between May 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021.

Full participation by contractors and interested parties allows the department to establish accurate prevailing wages and create complete wage determinations. In turn, accurate wages and complete determinations reduce the need for contractors to request additional classifications. 

The division is currently collecting data electronically and via data collection forms, also known as WD-10s. The deadline for employers to submit information is Aug. 31. Employers must postmark all submitted surveys or complete the survey online by Aug. 31, to be included. 

Prevailing wages

Prevailing wages, as required by Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, apply to contractors and subcontractors working on federally-funded or -assisted contracts in excess of $2,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair, including painting and decorating, of public buildings or public works.

Davis-Bacon Act and Related Act contractors and subcontractors must pay their laborers and mechanics employed under the contract no less than the locally prevailing wages and fringe benefits for corresponding work on similar projects in the area. 

The DBRA directs the department to set the prevailing wage rates that reflect the actual wages and fringe benefits paid to construction workers in the county where the work takes place.


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