Bank of Guam's Fall 2019 Economic Forum will take place Friday at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort.

The lineup of speakers and panel members will include:

• Guam airport Executive Manager Tom Ada

• Bank of Guam CEO Joaquin Cook

• Labor Director David Dell'Isola

• Nico Fujikawa, Guam Visitors Bureau

• Cornerstone Valuation President Siska Hutapea

• Guam Economic Development Authority CEO Melanie Mendiola 

The Bank's "5 on 5" series will feature companies for whom sustainability is a driving force behind their establishment and current operation. Each company will have a representative deliver a 5-minute talk on the purpose behind its founding.

Selina Leem from the Republic of the Marshall Islands will deliver a talk on climate change and how it's affecting the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Leem recently worked as a youth representative at the Permanent Mission of the RMI to the United Nations in New York. Leem was born and raised in Majuro and credits her grandfather for her deep awareness of the increasing fate of her home through his stories about how the Marshalls would be flooded. She moved to Germany at age 16 to finish high school, where she took on the role of climate change advocate for her country. United Airlines is a sponsor of Leem's travel.

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