Electric motorcycles come to Guam

LAUNCHED: Sun Energy Motors had a soft launch Monday and will start accepting orders from Guam for the Urban Classic, an electric motorcycle manufactured by Evoke Motorcycles based in Beijing, China. According to sales and repair technician James McIntyre, left, the Urban Classic can travel up to 124 miles per charge, and the power output is equivalent to that of a 600 cubic centimeter engine in a gas-powered cycle. The vehicle can be charged on 110v or 220v, and the speed is capped at 81 mph. It retails for less than $13,000. The Urban Classic is available for a test ride at the warehouse of Generation Renewable Inc., formerly Micronesia Renewable Energy. According to business development manager Joe Rosario, the electric motorcycles will be moved to a new storefront and dealership along Marine Corps Drive within the next few weeks. Norman M. Taruc/The Guam Daily Post