Aetna Rate Sheet

The government of Guam’s newly chosen health insurance provider, Aetna International, offers a nationwide reach and provider services from coast to coast, said Justin Remick, head of Aetna’s Government Programs division on Friday.

The GovGuam cost, combined with employees' and retirees' share of the health insurance premium, is estimated to be $108 million, GovGuam confirmed Friday.

“We have access to over a million providers across the nation,” Remick said.

Here on Guam, Aetna has had a relationship with NetCare for about 12 years. The GovGuam employees who enroll in one of Aetna’s health plans will have access to NetCare’s providers.

Aetna account executive Hassen Khraibani said Aetna is working with GovGuam to find out the type of SelectCare or TakeCare health plan each employee is enrolled in now. Where possible, many employees can have their plans rolled over to corresponding Aetna plans.

"One big advantage of the Aetna program is that both the FHP and SDA clinics are in our network," Khraibani said.

By law, Aetna's plans also offer coverage at Guam Regional Medical City and at Guam Memorial Hospital.

And for those who currently have a fitness center membership covered by their insurer, Aetna will offer similar plans, Khraibani said.

Aetna has established a local office with NetCare at the Julale Plaza in Hagåtña.

An Aetna representative will be available weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. to answer questions.

The office phone number is 472-3862 or 47Aetna.

Plan types

Aetna's rate sheet released on Friday includes three types of health plans, Preferred Provider Organization plans, a Health Saving Accounts, and a no-cost Retiree Supplement Plan for retirees only. Dental coverage is offered separately.

The preferred provider plans fall under the PPO 1500 label. The health savings account plans are in the HSA 2000 category and RSP is the name of the retiree supplement category.

Active employees

For active GovGuam employees, four different PPO and HSA plans are available to meet the needs of individuals and families.

The premium prices listed for the more expensive PPO 1500 plans range from $58.65 to $194.20 to be paid biweekly over 26 pay periods.

The HSA 2000 plan premiums start at $1.35 and rise $ 36.89, also paid biweekly over 26 pay periods.

Dental coverage ranges from $6.99 to $32.03 over biweekly during the same period.


Retirees also have four plan choices in the PPO and HSA categories. Three plans are available in the RSP category. Retirees who choose an RSP plan pay no premiums.

PPO 1500 premiums for retirees range from $63.54 to $210.38, paid semimonthly over 24 pay periods.

HSA 2000 premiums start at $1.46 and rise to $39.97, paid semimonthly over 24 pay periods.

Dental premiums start at $7.57 up to $34.70 over the same period.

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