GEDA, telecom industry support bill to help develop data centers on island

CAPACITY: Undersea fiber-optic cables, which allow for fast transmission of data such as bank transactions, streaming movies, downloading music and distance education, pass through landing stations on Guam. Members of the telecom industry on island have testified data centers are in demand and that lawmakers may want to explore that. Illustration courtesy of RTI

Guam's GTA and San Francisco-based RAM Telecom International, or RTI, have entered into a joint venture for the construction of Guam's first combined neutral cable landing station and data center.

According to a press release issued by GTA, the joint venture is called Gateway Network Connections LLC.

Gateway Network Connections will provide “interconnection for both existing and new cables,” the release states. It also provides “onward connectivity between and among Asia, Australia, and the United States.”

The new Gateway Network Connections building will be located next to GTA's existing cable landing station where the Southeast Asia-United States cable system currently lands.

The facility is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2020.

"GNC will unlock the value of more than $3 billion in undersea cables that land on Guam," said Roland Certeza, CEO of GTA. "GTA has the largest buried fiber footprint on Guam, which allows us to provide additional protection."

"In addition to the SEA-US Cable System in our Piti-I facility, GTA will also provide 24/7/365 technical support as part of our joint venture with RTI in GNC," Certeza said. "GNC's neutrality ensures a level playing field for both large and small companies who rely on Guam as a reliable, neutral hub to and from Asia."

It will be an 11,800-square-foot Type 3 designed data center with approximately 250 racks of capacity and 2 megawatts of power.

The building is engineered to withstand Category 5 typhoon conditions and tsunami waves.

GTA’s partner RTI is an experienced cable owner. RTI’s affiliates soon will be completing construction on new 100G cables that will land on Guam.

The new cables include:

• the Japan-Guam-Australia North Cable System or JGA North, connecting Tokyo and Guam;

• the Japan-Guam-Australia South Cable System or JGA South, connecting Sydney and Guam with a branch to Australia's Sunshine Coast; and

• the Hong Kong-Guam Cable System, or HK-G, connecting Hong Kong and Guam.

These cable lines will link up with the Gateway Network Connections facility in 2019 and 2020.

The growing number of data cables passing through Guam “further elevates the importance of Guam as a vital hub,” states the release from GTA.

RTI develops global telecom infrastructure and large-scale data connectivity in selected markets.

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