Guam shoppers line up for hours, in rain

CROWDED: Shoppers crowd the aisles that offered an assortment of power tools and hand tools on sale at the Home Depot on Guam on Black Friday. David Castro/The Guam Daily Post

Not everyone was rushing to snag shoes and bags on sale or deeply discounted towels and bakeware this Black Friday's shopping weekend on Guam.

For the do-it-yourself home improvement crowd, the go-to place for holiday shopping on Guam was at The Home Depot in Tamuning.

A long line of customers braved the rainy Friday morning and lined up before the sun rose. 

Dan Leon Guerrero, who was the first in line, said he went to the Home Depot around 9 p.m., a good nine hours before the store opened.

“I came to buy a freezer,” he said.

One family had a tent set up and it came handy when it rained. The family started lining up at 3 a.m. and wanted to check what was on Black Friday sale.

By 6 a.m. when the home improvement store opened, many of those in line were smiling as they pushed empty shopping carts into the store and getting out hours later with loads of stuff – including an assortment of power tools.

Across the United States, Reuters reported, shoppers headed out to stores in a quest to score the best Black Friday discounts, with early promotions marking the start of a condensed holiday shopping season.

“I like to get a little head start and see what kinds of deals are coming for Black Friday,” Reuters quoted Kimberly Valdepena, 52, who was shopping at a Walmart in Torrance, California.

Some shoppers waited months to buy planned purchases.

“We’ve waited for a month or so to get a new car seat,” Patricio Garcia, 38, who was shopping at a Target in Chicago, Reuters reported.

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