IT&E to bring quantum cryptography to the Marianas

PARTNERSHIP: Officials who announced the use of  quantum key distribution technology recently are, from left: Jose Ricardo “Ricky” Delgado, president and CEO of Citadel Holdings; Min Yong Ha, vice president, Global Business Development 1 Cell, Global Alliance Group; Jim Oehlerking, CEO of IT&E; Jay Shedd, senior director for sales, marketing and customer service at IT&E; and Sungwon “Peter” Pyun, manager at SK Telecom. Photo courtesy of IT&E

IT&E, through its partnership with SK Telecom, will soon be equipped with quantum key distribution technology to strengthen the security of its 5G and LTE data transmission and reception.

IT&E will use technology by ID Quantique, the global leader in quantum cryptography communication, IT&E announced in a press release Tuesday. SK Telecom invested in ID Quantique in February 2018.

Quantum key distribution prevents hacking and digital eavesdropping, IT&E stated. The technology generates a random secret key that encrypts and decrypts messages between two parties to prevent any outside party from accessing the data, the company stated.

IT&E stated it has invested $200,000 in quantum cryptography technology.

“Quantum cryptography will drive new levels of innovation and security around the world. We’re excited to work with SK Telecom and ID Quantique to bring this technology to the Marianas,” said Jim Oehlerking, CEO of IT&E.

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