Guam Regional Medical City, American Medical Center and Calvo’s SelectCare have joined forces with AI Health to launch a research partnership to bring cutting edge artificial intelligence medical research to Guam. The planned study will focus on aggregating health care data from different sources and applying AI to identify critical risk factors and provide insights into treating patients with diabetes, according to a media release Wednesday from AI Health.

David Klonoff

David C. Klonoff

Francisco Pasquel

Francisco J. Pasquel

Leading the study will be some of the world's top medical experts in diabetes, health care and technology – specifically around artificial intelligence and wearable technology. The AI Health Advisory Board includes Dr. David C. Klonoff, a pioneer in diabetes technology; and Dr. Francisco J. Pasquel, an expert in optimizing care with diabetes technology, the release stated.

Diabetes continues to be a major public health problem that disproportionately impacts individuals of Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander descent. According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of diabetes on Guam is higher than in most parts of the US, and among adults of CHamoru heritage is 18.9% - nearly one in six, according to AI Health.

“Guam is uniquely positioned to create meaningful impact around the study globally, and most importantly, allow us to leave a positive legacy of making an impact in the community for those who suffer with diabetes,” said Klonoff. “Guam not only provides us with a very sizable representative sample for our study, but also gives us ethnic diversity, presence of most chronic diseases, and a sophisticated medical community."

By partnering with hospitals, insurance providers, primary care providers, patients and labs on Guam, technology company AI Health plans to bring together critical information from all these sources into its artificial intelligence platform. Once aggregated, the team will apply several AI techniques to stratify patients, predict disease progression, and discover personalized opportunities for early intervention to improve patient outcomes.

Guam Regional Medical City will serve as the internal review board for the study. “GRMC is excited to contribute to this fascinating research partnership which we are hopeful might bring the dawn of a new era in the care of people living with diabetes, not only on Guam but throughout the whole world,” said GRMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alexander Wielaard.

GMRC will be joined by Dr. Erika Alford, who will serve as the local principal investigator of the study. Alford is an endocrinologist with American Medical Center, and brings 10 years of experience caring for patients with diabetes on Guam.

Calvo’s SelectCare will provide historical claims data to assist with the study, as well as recruiting participants for the prospective section of the Validation Study in 2022.

AI Health is based in San Francisco with an AI Lab in Barcelona, Spain.


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