It’s time to sink your teeth into some mouthwatering steaks from the LongHorn Steakhouse brand.

The restaurant location in Tamuning is still in the process of opening its doors to dine-in customers, but Apple Pacific Restaurant Group has launched a to-go service so Guam residents can get a head start and taste the variety of steak cuts from the LongHorn Steakhouse brand.

Customers can either go online or call Olive Garden to find out how to select seasoned cuts of steak to grill up at home.

“We are so excited for this news. We can’t wait to serve our very own LongHorn steaks to the people of Guam,” said Dona De Dios, LongHorn Steakhouse general manager. “While we are still closed, we are going to do the LongHorn steak shop and you will be able to cook it at your home.”

The steak orders include side dishes along with instructions for anyone who isn’t quite a grill master or pro in the kitchen.

“They can expect some bold flavors from LongHorn. They are going to get the seasoning on the side for the to-go’s and do anything they want with LongHorn standards,” said Joe Montoya, LongHorn Steakhouse kitchen manager. “They can experience the flavors that are different and premium cut steaks. They will be able to smell and taste the difference.”

The menu includes Flat Iron, New York Strip, Ribeye, T-Bone, Outlaw Ribeye, Flo’s Filet and The LongHorn Porterhouse.


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