Mobil on Thursday launched its improved Synergy gasoline formulations with increased additives at its service stations on Guam.

The new gasoline formulations provide better fuel economy, help clean up engines and drive improved performance and responsiveness from customers' vehicles, Mobil Guam stated in a press release. The Mobil Synergy fuels program also has launched in other countries around the world.

The improved Synergy Extra and Synergy Supreme+ gasoline are available at 16 service stations on Guam.

'The latest in global fuel technology'

"Our scientists have developed this improved formulation featuring the latest in global fuel technology so that our customers can get more out of their drives," said Jimmy Hau, president of Mobil Oil Guam Inc.

Mobil also has invested in upgrades for attractive and brighter service stations, the gasoline retailer stated, adding the new design elements form a coordinated look to reduce clutter throughout the forecourt.

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