Living green is about to get a lot easier with the grand opening of the Numa’lo mobile refillery in the coming weeks.

The Numa’lo refillery is not a typical storefront, this one is on wheels.

“It's similar to a food truck where customers would go to the side of the van. I built a counter for my scale and register and in the back of the van, you could see the whole process of how refilling will go,” said Jasmine Flores-Cantrell, the founder of Numa’lo mobile zero-waste refillery.

Flores-Cantrell has partnered with the Micronesia Climate Change Alliance and local vendors to bring an alternative to buying hygiene products in single-use containers, starting in November.

Customers will bring their own sanitized containers to have them filled with locally sourced hygienic products, she said.

“I encourage everyone to use what they have, rather than go out and buying new bottles, reuse old shampoo bottles or containers. The only requirement for filling is that all containers are empty, clean and dry, just so we can make sure that we’re not creating an environment that bacteria can grow in,” Flores-Cantrell said.

At the refillery, customers decide how little or how much of a product they would like and pay based on weight.

“A lot of people have the misconception that sustainable products are expensive, which they can be. But the advantage of the refillery is that you, the customer, are supplying your own container which means we don’t have to pay for packaging or brand labeling,” Flores-Cantrell said.

Savings on product packaging and labeling has allowed Numa’lo Refillery to set prices for products comparable to grocery store products.

That means filling up a 12-ounce container at the refillery would cost about the same as purchasing a container at a grocery store. But, the Numa’lo refillery offers a greener alternative.

“So that they are affordable for people to buy but also more natural, local and sustainable for our health and our island,” Flores-Cantrell said. “You show up to the counter, hand over your containers and can browse through accessories that will be available on the side, watch your containers being filled and pay right there.”

Another advantage is that customers can purchase products in sample amounts as well. This allows customers to try new products before making larger purchases.

“You can bring in a big bottle and fill it as little or as much as you want. You can fill it halfway and give it a test try and obviously the price is cheaper because you're buying in small amounts,” Flores-Cantrell said.

Numa’lo Refillery has curated a small team of local creators to offer beauty and bath products made on Guam.

“We were very specific to find people who were making products only featured natural ingredients, no synthetic chemicals or fragrances,” Flores-Cantrell said. “All products have ingredients laid out. We have a QR code on the van and you just scan it and click and can see all of the product's ingredients.”

Natural sunscreen from Minus Well, facial and topical products such as serums and oils from Sirena, body care and facial products from Everywhere In Between, and soap bars and scrubs from Isla Rae are some of the products Numa’lo offers.

“Because we are trying to be safe for our bodies, we don’t sell any products that have synthetic, parabens or fragrances that people are allergic too,” Also in the future for people that are really sensitive to fragrances, as well, we do plan to have scent-free products,” Flores-Cantrell said.

The zero-waste refillery will be popping up in villages across the island starting in November.

“We have set days, every week we will be in the north, central and south. For example, Thursdays are our central days, Fridays are our southern days and Saturdays we are in the northern region,” she said.

Customers can also shop from the comfort of their home.

“Mondays through Wednesdays are our home delivery days. There is an $8 fee to cover gas and such, but if you order $50 or more that fee is waived,” Flores-Cantrell said.

In-person popups will be accessible to customers from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Home deliveries will be during working hours for those who would like to come home to products on their doorstep.

Customers can track when and where the Numa’lo refillery will be popping up on Facebook and Instagram.

Details of the grand opening will be announced.


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