Joe Ayuyu Jr. has been promoted to vice president of McDonald’s of Guam and Saipan effective July 1, his parents, Jose and Marcia Ayuyu, the owners and operators and franchisees of the restaurant chain in the Marianas, announced Tuesday.

“We’re happy to announce Ayuyu Jr.’s promotion. This transition marks a pivotal time in our organization and sets a solid foundation for the continuation of our business into the future. For me, succession planning is key to the sustainable growth of our company. We are confident, excited and look forward to Joe Jr.’s leadership and vision for McDonald’s,” company President Jose Ayuyu said in a press release.

The new vice president is no stranger to the restaurant business. His parents opened their first McDonald’s restaurant on Saipan in March 1993, when he was  2. For 27 years, he grew up learning different facets of the business, according to the press release.

In 2014, Joe Ayuyu Jr. graduated from Miami University in Ohio and returned to Saipan to begin his career with McDonald’s. He learned the operations from the bottom up and was eventually promoted to general manager for the McDonald's location along Middle Road, Saipan, running the day-to-day operations and leading a team of 50 employees. Joe Ayuyu Jr. served as area supervisor for the two McDonald's restaurants on Saipan.

In 2016, Joe Ayuyu Jr. attended and graduated from McDonald’s Hamburger University in Chicago, Illinois. In August 2019, he was promoted to supervisor for the newly built McDonald’s in Yigo.  

Joe Ayuyu Jr. joins his parents and his sisters Mable and Ashley in running their family company.

“The restaurant business is always changing and we’ve positioned ourselves for a smooth transition to the next generation of leaders,” says the company president.

McDonald’s of Guam and Saipan first opened in 1993. The organization includes eight McDonald’s restaurants, two on Saipan, and six on Guam. In 2016, the Ayuyus acquired all McDonald’s restaurants on Guam and have remained one of the largest employers in the Marianas.


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