A local business owned and operated by four women will hold a big celebration this weekend.

Synergy Studio Guam is inviting the community to join in as the gym kicks off its 17th year in business.

“Last year would have been sweet 16 and, clearly, we didn’t open up and have the big celebration we wanted to. So, we came up with the idea of the 16+1, making it our 17-year anniversary,” said Clare Calvo, co-owner and instructor.

Calvo, reflecting on the gym’s history, said the first workout class was held June 7, 2004.

“It’s been transformative. We’ve moved many times. It really has grown. It started with four classes in the second floor of what was storage space of an old Market Wholesale building, and a small office space used as storage.  From the very beginning our motto has been ‘Where fitness meets wellness’ and that is in large in part that we started with yoga,” she said. “It’s been like raising a daughter. Now she is 17 years old and ready to go off to college soon, so it’s really been like raising a child and just going through the growth, the growing pains, and, of course, the high points and the low points together.”

“It’s also like raising a family just within Synergy. From our staff, our instructors, we have people that got married and had babies. We all started really young. Now everyone is raising a family,” said co-owner and instructor Lillian Reyes. “I am looking forward to the next 20, 30, even 40 years.”

The co-owners, who include Judy Rosario and Jesrae Moylan, are ready to celebrate by offering free classes at Synergy I located at the P&R Building in Hagåtña and Synergy II in East Hagåtña this Saturday.

Calvo said the East Hagåtña location has been closed throughout the pandemic, but the owners decided to open it to offer a yoga class there just in time for the celebration.

“Synergy has always been known for our energy, but really the happiness. You will feel it once the endorphins get going. It just brings a nice energy to yourself, and that spread of goodness to the entire studio is infectious,” Rosario said. “Historically, we’ve always had annual open houses to celebrate Synergy’s beginnings. Each year, we’ve been able to celebrate a new year. But this year in particular, we’ve had to really streamline so that we stay compliant with everything that (the Department of Public Health and Social Services) has set out for businesses.”

The gym will continue to practice COVID-19 safety measures during the event.

“We are very comfortable and confident in what we are doing in making all our members, everyone that walks into Synergy, comfortable. Our primary focus is safety. Not only for our members, but for our instructors and our staff,” Reyes said. “This year we are doing prepackaged food, keeping in mind the pandemic. We really looked into keeping everyone safe and feeling comfortable while they are with us.”

Members also will get to meet Moylan in her new role as co-owner. She first started with the gym as an instructor in 2012.

“Fast forward to today, I am being given such a great honor in being partners with these beautiful women. They’ve inspired me ever since I started working for them, and now I am beyond excited to be working alongside them,” Moylan said. “I have been on this mental health journey since losing my brother back in 2017. So that is something that I will be contributing to Synergy. It’s just the whole mental side of everything in life – our mental health and whatnot. That is something I am excited to bring to the team.”

For more information, log onto www.synergyguam.com or call 472-YOGA (9642).


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