In a cool, seaside cavern found in southern Sumay lies our very own fountain of youth, where adventure is an endless opportunity, and free spirits dance across a deep-blue horizon. Read more

INTO THE SWING OF THINGS: Locally known as Tarzan Cave, this large coastal cavern is located on Naval Base Guam, and is where snorkeling and diving are superior to several other spots, and a taste of thrill is at the end of a rope swing. Tihu Lujan/The Guam Daily Post Read more

In the isolated, central hills of Guam stands a 150-foot long and 24-foot high, man-made dam, slowly being reclaimed by its jungle surroundings since being abandoned over half a century ago. Read more

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Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest at the 2018 Micronesian Games in Colonia, Yap, but that wasn’t the case for indoor volleyball. Due to scheduling issues, the Guam and Yap men's teams battled through a grueling five-set match at the Matson Yap Sports Complex.

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