The number of unexpected deaths on Guam in recent months has elevated Guam’s need to have a forensic pathologist on staff at Guam Memorial Hospital from acute to critical.

The bodies of a man and a woman, pulled from one of the lakes at the Guam International Country Club on Friday, are among the latest in a growing number of fatalities that await a medical examiner’s autopsies. Last year, a murder victim's body couldn't be laid to rest immediately because an autopsy hadn't been done.

The attorney general's office has been trying to recruit a new ME since before current Attorney General Leevin Camacho took office. 

At least two candidates expressed interest in the job during the previous and current AG’s terms. Both eventually backed out.

The Guam AG's office needs the help of the Legislature and the governor.

If further change in law or budget for the position is needed, then it has got to be done.

This is a public safety-related issue, and it’s a priority.

It should be a higher priority than resolutions to praise someone or designate special days for certain people.

People worthy of commendation know where they stand. Give them a pat on the back but not a ceremonial law or resolution that distracts lawmakers from concentrating on important matters such as this.

Hire a full-time forensic pathologist and put him to work at GMH.

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