The military buildup is so important to our community that whenever the senators and the governor meet to talk about this issue, especially in light of certain key developments, the expectation is that they don't shut the public out.

Yet this was exactly what they did on Friday morning.

The governor hosted a meeting with 13 senators that morning, and it was acknowledged by some in Adelup and certain senators that military buildup-related developments were going to be discussed. 

Reporters were asked to leave before the meeting began.

Governor’s communications director Janela Carrera said while the administration has been transparent to the public, Friday’s discussions were held behind closed doors, in part because the governor didn’t want to be under pressure.

Carrera characterized the meeting as “an informal gathering” and the governor wants to have “conversations with senators where there’s no pressure from the public.” Formal invitations were sent to the 15 senators well ahead of the meeting.

If Carrera meant the governor didn’t want to be under the spotlight with cameras and recorders rolling – this is a problem. She signed up for the job of elected governor along with the “pressure” of the public spotlight.

The public – and we mean everyone who has a stake in the buildup, including people whose jobs and businesses depend on this buildup – has a right to listen and see what these officials discuss.

Holding a news conference after the fact to give an abbreviated, polished version of a long meeting isn’t what we expected of the people we elected and who gave us promises that they would be held accountable for their actions and they'd keep their dealings on behalf of the public transparent.

So, governor and senators, it might be stressful to be under public view, but if you are talking about issues that affect us and everything you’re doing is for our best interest, then there’s no reason to hide behind closed doors.

Keep your election promises, please.

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