Kudos to our young and young-at-heart Guamanians who have represented our island in various national and international competitions over the summer. 

From dance to baseball, modeling to martial arts, gymnastics to swimming, Guam is brimming with talented people who work hard at their craft and do an amazing job at representing our island – regardless of whether they brought home the medal, award or accolade they had their eye on.

In the last few months, we’ve run stories and photographs of individuals and various groups of youth and adults who proudly waved the Guam flag on stage or across the field and around the track.

Over the summer, our athletes participated in the 2019 Pacific Games. During the quadrennial two-week event, Guam’s athletes earned 19 medals and also broke several island records – some decadesold. Other athletes hit personal bests and in sports where medals are determined by tenths of a meter or hundredths of a second, these improvements over previous records or personal bests show our island’s pool of athletic talent is growing and deeper.

They weren’t the only ones who brought crowds to their feet, dance groups including SKIP and Fusion Dance Center, and Guam’s Cal Ripken’s baseball players showed up at the field ready to play and made some gutsy plays.

Their performances at these competitions are the product of years of sacrifice and thousands of hours of training and just plain old hard work.

Bravo to you all who have faced your opponents on the court or on the mat, or in the pool and gave it your all.

We also say thank you and great job to all the coaches, parents, partners, friends – everyone who supported, encouraged, pushed and prodded these athletes, performers, and dancers so they could go out there and take that shot at the gold.

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