It was one of the most uplifting sights on Guam on a downcast morning full of gray clouds last Saturday.

Some of Guam's cancer survivors, with the support of their family members, friends and caregivers smiled as they walked around a cheering, supportive crowd. 

It is a milestone that they've been able to wear those proud smiles. It's a milestone they've been able to continue the fight against cancer and grace with their presence a crowd of more than 1,000 caring community and business organizations at the United Airlines hangar in Tiyan for a cancer care fundraiser.

The event was the 14th Annual United Plane Pull titled “Towing the Line to Save Lives.” This year's fundraiser involved 32 business and community organizations that took turns pulling a parked Boeing 737 that weighs 145,000 pounds. The coed and men's teams that pulled the fastest – in just around 5 minutes over a 12-foot distance – get to keep their title rights until next year's competition.

As a result of the fundraiser, more money has been raised for the American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer Care.

This year’s event raised more than $20,000, which directly and equally benefited the two cancer care organizations, according to its organizer. The annual Plane Pull event is organized and sponsored by United Airlines employees. 

There have been more than 12,000 participants throughout the past 14 years and the annual event has raised close to $360,000 for local charities.

Sam Shinohara, United’s managing director of airport operations Asia/Pacific said in a release, "Plane Pull brings the best of our community together to raise funds for the fight against cancer."

The event offers a way for our community to join efforts in this ongoing fight. 

It also allows our cancer survivors to see there are many in our community who do care. And that they and their loved ones are not alone.

We join the organizer in thanking the many who spent their time preparing, participating in this worthy cause and highlighting Guam's spirit of giving.

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