In the weeks leading up to the 75th Liberation Day celebration, The Guam Daily Post received feedback from many members of our community who shared personal photos and stories of before and after the Japanese occupation in World War II.

It is heartwarming for our fellow Guamanians to trust us with their long-held family photos and stories, many of them offering reflections of the struggles, pain or tragic loss of loved ones, and sharing lessons of endurance and willpower to get stronger from the torment of war.

We are a stronger community because of the struggles that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents experienced on Guam. We also heard from Guam residents whose heritage came from other parts of the world that were also ravaged in wartime, including in the Northern Marianas, the Philippines, and Japan.

Even after Sunday's 75th Liberation Day, we continue to receive war survivor stories and images — and we are humbled for this opportunity to share them with the rest of the public. To our contributors, we thank you.

Within generations of families, many stories are kept as a memory and in boxes and trunks of old photos. But as memories fade over time and age takes a toll on our ability to remember, we encourage the younger generations to make their family stories a project to document in a digital file, through video recordings, and even handwritten or typed notes that are also saved on paper and in digital files.

These treasures will be lost in time if we don't keep proper records of them.

We, at The Guam Daily Post, will do our part. For as long as we get contributions, through, we will publicly share them and they will live online and in our paper.

In our busy lives, many of us will be tempted to delay recording grandpa and grandma, or mom and dad, as they share their oral history.

Let's not procrastinate. One day, it might be too late.

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