The 75th anniversary of Guam’s liberation comes at a time when our island community is divided over a wide range of issues, from the military buildup to regional migration.

We understand that there are valid concerns about preserving our local culture as well as protecting our environment, public health and public safety.

But we hope residents can come together to celebrate Liberation Day. We appreciate the efforts of all who have worked hard to put together the wonderful liberation events, from the carnival to the parade.

The 75th Liberation Day parade will start at 10 a.m. today at Adelup. Marching units, dancers, floats, car groups, motorcycle groups and other parade participants will work their way down to the grandstand at Paseo, said Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares, who is co-chairperson of the Liberation Day Festivities Committee.

This year's theme, “A Legacy of Peace and Friendship,” is a fitting reminder amid pressing issues. Our community has struggled with how to tackle crimes committed by migrants from the freely associated states. Some residents have been at odds over the military buildup, including the construction of a live-fire training range complex.

We believe residents have been right to voice their concerns to stakeholders and government officials. We hope that such issues can be resolved in a manner that is responsible and respectful to all parties involved.

Just as important, we hope the challenge of providing war reparations can be resolved in a timely manner. Checks should be issued soon so that the remaining war survivors find some closure. Even if reparation payments are partial for the time being, they will help those remaining survivors and their families.

The greatest generation should inspire all of us to come together to resolve conflicts.

After World War II ravaged Guam, CHamoru survivors, along with Americans and Filipinos, rebuilt Guam. They worked alongside each other to create a vibrant community and a prosperous economy. And they succeeded.

Liberation Day is a timeless reminder not only of wartime suffering but also of never-ending resilience. Let’s keep that in our minds and hearts.

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