Once again, a property owner was victimized by burglars and thieves who would rather take items of value owned by others than put in hard work and save up to be able to buy something or pay for something they want.

This time, a business in the Harmon Industrial Park was the target. On Sunday morning before daybreak, video footage shows two males casually opening the gate to the business' compound, breaking the lock to the business and taking two all-terrain vehicles valued at a few thousand dollars. These perpetrators even had a flatbed truck waiting for their heist and the truck also may have been stolen.

In recent days, two mom-and-pop stores were hit. There have been break-ins at houses, too.

There have been instances over the past few weeks and months when people have been caught on surveillance breaking into cars and going through parking lots to see which vehicles aren't locked in order to steal stuff.

It can get really frustrating for property owners to be violated by people who disregard the law and take items that aren't theirs.

In some of the past break-ins, robberies or thefts, or a combination of these crimes, we've seen repeat offenders or suspects.

We've seen some of these suspects captured and sent to jail or prison, and the next time we hear about them, they've been arrested again.

Guam Police Department officers work hard to follow the crime trail and catch suspects, only to see them freed and then be sought after – or caught – again for another similar crime.

This revolving door needs to stop at the Judiciary of Guam.

We also need the attorney general's office to vigorously fight against the release of repeat burglars, thieves and robbers.

And if part of the problem is the lack of strength or loopholes in our laws, then lawmakers must prioritize fixing these issues instead of focusing on less important matters such as establishing gambling rules for a pop-up casino, legalizing recreational weed or stacking up additional benefits for government of Guam workers.

More people will become victims of these criminals if our law enforcers do not get the support they need from tougher judges, proactive prosecutors and responsive lawmakers.

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