I caught something on the web and added some thoughts, in the hope it gives you some positive things to build on. What follows works in every aspect of life, including work, and might be good to share with the kids in your life.

1. The past cannot be changed.

Too many of us spend too much time living there, going through the coulda/woulda/shoulda regrets exercise. I’ve done it myself. Let’s work on today to make up for things we wish we would have done differently.

2. Opinions don’t define your reality.

A boss’s perspective on our value is very important, but not as important as how we see ourselves. Just because you think I’m incapable of producing excellent work doesn’t mean it’s true. We can change that viewpoint in a heartbeat by raising our game. How well will you do? That’s up to one person. You.

3. Everyone’s journey is different.

Just like a fingerprint, nobody in the past or future will have a journey exactly like yours. Embrace that. You’re one of kind, and it was designed that way.

4. Things always get better with time.

That’s only if we accept that they do, and work to make them so.

5. Judgments are a confession of character.

This is tough for a lot of people to swallow. Our judgments say as much or more about us, as they do about the people we judge. Just because people on Facebook back different candidates and positions, it doesn’t make them bad. They have kids they worry about, elderly parents to take care of, bills, health issues, and the same concerns we have.

6. Overthinking will lead to sadness.

Keeping things simple is more often than not the best way to go. Have you ever had an initial thought or made a decision, then talked yourself out of it? I can’t remember how many times I’ve had a first impression on how to deal with a situation, then second-guessed myself, made changes, and regretted the results.

Things not only didn’t work out to my satisfaction, but it turned out that my first idea was the better way to go. At age 19, my mentor, Big Ed, told me if I trusted my instincts 90% of the time, I’d come out way ahead. I forgot too often.

7. Happiness is found within.

No amount of material goods or exciting events bring happiness. The best we get from those things are some cool distractions. Not happiness. We get happiness by adding value to other peoples’ lives and being grateful for what we have. That, in turn, leads to genuine peace of mind. This is true in all of life, including what we do for a living.

8. Positive thoughts create positive things.

Negativity drains our energy away. It turns the possible to the impossible. Some folks hate the mere mention of a positive mindset, often ridiculing the thought and tossing it into the “psychobabble” category. All I can say is that I’ve seen it work, and the impact a positive approach has on others. I’ve also witnessed what a negative mindset can do. I prefer positive.

9. Smiles are contagious.

Start a good virus today.

10. Kindness is free.

It will cost us nothing to make somebody’s day. The only thing we have to pay is attention. Who in your workplace needs your attention today?

11. You only fail if you quit. 

You can stumble, fumble, and bumble, to the point where it makes you want to grumble and mumble — but if you keep trying, things will eventually turn in your favor. Giving up is crossing the failure line, and sometimes we don’t see how close we were to the finish line. Everything short of quitting is a learning experience which is real value being added to our lives.

12. What goes around, comes around.

So be careful what you’re sending out. Tomorrow, send out appreciation and gratitude for what you have. If you’re a manager, let those people you manage know your appreciation for their commitment and effort. If you’re on the front line at work, it’s okay to toss a little gratitude toward your manager.

I hope these dozen thoughts bear value for you. If so, pass them on to others.

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