Everybody has this friend. You know, the one who goes around all day complaining, comparing, always critical, and just plain mad at the world. And then there’s that acquaintance who believes that they’re entitled and it's either their way or the highway. You sometimes dread having to be with them and are mortified when you’re stuck having to endure them alone. Can you relate to the person I described? Worst yet, is that person you?

There’s a saying that “A person’s attitude, not his aptitude, will determine his altitude.” What I interpret this to say is that how far you get in life is more dependent on how you treat people as opposed to how much you know. When you’re subjected to constant negativity and complaints, it becomes very difficult to enjoy being with the person with that kind of attitude much less be attentive to the conversation they want to have with you.

Can you imagine working in an environment where it seems that the boss gets off on the wrong side of the bed every day? His or her attitude becomes so contagious that pretty soon everybody else gets off on the wrong side of the bed too. Not an inspiring or healthy company to work at, is it? For some people, though, this environment is a reality for them because they believe that they have no other choice.

They are left to endure the onslaught of negativity, frequent co-worker turnovers, and higher-than-average number of employees who are out sick.

If you think that’s bad, imagine it happening at home.

If you’ve got a bad attitude, what has it done for you in your relationship with your spouse, kids and other relations? You spend all day being frustrated at work because no one can relate to you, and then when you get home dinner’s not ready, the kids are rebellious, and you can’t visit with any friends because they all have other things to do. And since you’re not happy, neither should anyone else be.

The funny thing about whining and complaining is that most times it is directed at a person who can’t do anything about your problem. And even if it is, your attitude makes it very difficult to get past the emotion and focused on the issue. So, how can we effectuate change and make life better? You’ve got to change.

Try being grateful to be alive. Try cherishing the relationships you have, and try appreciating what you have as opposed to what you don’t. Recognize that there are ups and downs in life, and how these affect you is solely dependent on how you choose to let it. If you think that your attitude controls your life, guess who controls your attitude?

All the best.

Frank Blas Jr. is a former senator, adjunct professor, and president of Frank Blas and Associates. For more information, visit Islandlifeopportunities.com or email islandlife.opportunity@gmail.com.

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