Having spent a bit of time traveling around the world working in different cultures and in various professions – some longer than others – the strange behavior of people has always intrigued me.

Far too often people automatically jump to conclusions, many times without the benefit of the slightest bit of truth or even enough information that remotely resembles the truth.

What brings this to mind at the present is the behavior of far too many people in cities across the mainland United States as it relates to the tragic and unnecessary death of Mr. George Floyd. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the families of the other men who were involved.

No matter what my personal thoughts are as it relates to the four law enforcement officers involved, without all of the evidence, it is impossible for anyone to draw a rational conclusion other than Mr. Floyd appears to have needlessly died at the hands of the officer in question.

That said, it seems obvious to me that there is a gaping hole that needs to be filled. That is why at times such as these cooler heads need to prevail.

According to Eli S. Miranda, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Honolulu office, within hours of Mr. Floyd’s death Special Agent in Charge Rainer Drolshagen from the FBI office in Minneapolis confirmed that an investigation was opened into the death of Mr. Floyd.

Unfortunately, during times like this, there are many people who would seek to capitalize on such circumstances to drive wedges between people in their respective communities.

Not to mention dividing the nation along lines of race rather than good, evil, truth and justice.

A huge aspect of this behavior is the unwarranted destruction of property and other lives that always seems to be brought on by irrational and purely evil behavior.

The behavior of looters and evil-mined people who burn and destroy the property of others who had no involvement what-so-ever in Mr. Floyd's death is extremely troubling. Literally millions of dollars and the livelihoods of very likely thousands of innocent people have been dragged into this situation.

Nothing that rioters, looters, arsonists or insurrectionists do will change the outcome of the initial tragedy. Nor will it assuage the pain that the Floyd family must be feeling at this moment.

The riots and destruction will only serve to make the lives of thousands of innocent people miserable. People who had nothing to do with Mr. Floyd’s death and are only recently coming back to some sense of normalcy following the closures of business and the loss of work for so many citizens because of the Wuhan virus.

My hope is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t stop with the investigation of Mr. Floyd’s death but continues with their investigation into who is behind the coast-to-coast nationwide rioting that we see taking place.

It is time that the instigators and perpetrators of such behavior are brought to justice along with those responsible for the death of Mr. George Floyd.


Lee P. Webber is a former president and publisher of media organizations on Guam and Hawaii, former director of operations for USA Today International/Asia, and a longtime business and civic leader on Guam.


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