With just three weeks of school left until summer vacation, many high school students find it very difficult to stay motivated to study. Many find it very difficult just to continue to attend school. Losing motivation to study can make it very difficult to stay on task particularly when it comes to completing course requirements such as assignments, projects, or studying for tests and exams. These students can put their GPAs or even passing their classes in jeopardy due to poor grades. Those who lose motivation to go to school put passing their classes in jeopardy due to excessive absences.

For the students who have lost their motivation to be in school or are struggling to stay inspired, below are some easy tips that will help you stay motivated:

Set goals and chart your progress

In order to stay motivated, you need to have a goal to work toward. Focus on small daily or weekly goals that you are able to achieve, and list them. As you reach these goals, check them off. This will help give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Also, constantly reminding yourself that you need the credit for the class in order to graduate can really help bring that motivation back!

Talk about what you are learning

Talking about class material can really help you understand the information much better, and can also help peak your interest in it. In order to stay interested in what you are learning, try to find a friend or family member with whom you can talk about the material covered in class.

Get socially active

Try setting up a Zoom study group with the students in your class. If possible, try to find students who live close to you, and meet up with them to study or talk about your class at safe social distancing.

Stay positive

Staying positive is a big part of the motivational process. Many students, out of fatigue or stress, begin to develop negative associations with their school courses. These negative associations can cause them to start skipping classes or stop producing class work. If you are finding it difficult to stay positive about your classes, talk about it to your parents or your school counselor. They may offer suggestions to help you get through this phase. You may also want to talk with other students in your classes to help you through this tough time.

Reward yourself

With all the hard work that you are doing, you are going to need to take some time out to reward yourself. When you accomplish a goal, no matter how small, be sure to reward yourself with something that will make you happy. Whether it is a night out with friends, buying something nice, or just getting an ice cream these rewards can really help you to stay motivated and on task. Also be sure to take some time out for yourself from time to time. You cannot be expected to study all of the time, so be sure to reserve some time that is just for you.

By implementing some of these suggestions, students will be able to get through what has become known the longest month of the school year a little easier. Just remember to keep your shoulder to the wheel and push along, and summer vacation will be here before you know it.

Elizabeth Hamilton, M.E., MA, is a teacher with 31 years of professional experience. You can write to her at successfullearner@yahoo.com with your questions or comments.


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