I don’t like the names “coronavirus” or “Chinese virus.” I do believe that the mainland Chinese government totally dropped the ball on this pandemic and they should be held to account for it. Certain officials in the UK believe that this was a Chinese bio-weapon virus that got loose. In the end, I think that this virus will be referred in the future as the “Grandparent Killer Virus.” It is deadly to people over 45, particularly if they have pre-existing health problems. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero made this point the other day: If you love your grandparents, follow the rules, don’t infect them.

As I said in an earlier article, throw the numbers out the window. The models are useless at this point. But for the sake of everyone, follow the rules. Wash your hands. Wash your face. If you pet animals, wash your hands again. Wear a mask or cloth covering in public. By the way, this protects the public from you more than anything else. There may be many young carriers of this disease with no or minimal symptoms. Be very careful around your elders. Have a healthy relative teach them to use a video link with them for now. This virus is deadly to elders.

Follow the rules please and be mindful of others.

Our daughter, Athena, came home from her White House internship about three weeks ago. They ended the program a bit early but she had a great time. For two weeks, I had legal authority in the form of the governor’s order to send her to her room. At the end of the two weeks, my wife and I sat her down and asked her what her intentions were. She has a lot of friends and we suspected she wanted to go see them. Before my wife and I said anything, Athena told us that she wanted to be with us and she would not be seeing any of her friends. She didn’t want me or my wife to get sick. I have heart and lung issues, latent diabetes and low immunity from my surgery. My wife is also in the over 45 age group. The key is to be considerate of others. I was happy Athena decided this on her own and I view this as a form of maturity.

Guam is a typhoon community. We have weathered storms before. We will weather this storm, too. In fact, our community experience with typhoons may make us better at dealing with this pandemic than other communities in the U.S. mainland. We know that we can get through this. We need to be mindful that this will take a few more weeks of inconvenience.

Gov. Leon Guerrero’s measured and incremental response has been exactly what Guam needed. Early on in this crisis, we had no real idea of where this was going. I think that in the after-action review, the governor will be viewed as taking the right, balanced measures along the way.

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