The closer we get to the primary election (particularly with early voting available) the more panic, promises, accusations and cash benefits will flow from current elected officials.

That because they are all vying for maintaining political access to the flow of taxpayer and federal cash that moves through the coffers of the government of Guam.

If voters aren’t constantly aware of the day-to-day realities with which they are faced they will fall for all of the political rhetoric and empty promises being thrown around, bantered on street corners, radio, TV and political signage.

Voters need to take the time to stop, think and then act before casting their ballots at the polls.

Stop and take the time to evaluate each candidate and what they are saying they will do.

Think, is it the truth? Can they actually deliver what they are claiming to be capable of delivering?

Are they really capable of doing this alone and, if not, how many others with the same promises will it take to do so?

Then act, simply look around you and examine our community, good and bad, things that work and those that don’t.

Weren’t you promised by the current administration, Legislature and attorney general that they were going to fix these problems with health care, public safety, crime, drugs and education?

Have they really been fixed?

Or, have they continually existed and worsened for many, many years with little to no improvement while the same people have been in public office again and again – in one form or another?

Then ask yourself why?

Who voted them into these positions of power and why have they been allowed to stay in power and worsen our way of life?

Then look in the mirror!

Everyone currently in public office campaigned, in one way or another promising to make improvements in these three very key areas.

Yet, crime and public safety – especially drug abuse - are on the rise; public health – in particular Guam Memorial Hospital - has shown little to no improvement.

We have 600-plus children in need of foster homes as the core family system on Guam is crumbling as current politicians fiddle.

We are also faced with a rotating door with criminals jokingly referred to as the “catch and release program."

Our current attorney general’s office started with 20-plus prosecutors but is now down to less than 10, coupled with what many in the community see as a faltering judicial system.

Police are arresting the same people again and again because criminals have figured out the system and continue to play it for their personal benefit. Much like the majority of long-term politicians have played their current positions.

On top of that, we have a prison system that is overcrowded and crumbling and all we have heard, year after year, from those in office is that we need a new prison with little or no action to make it happen.

We continue to get little more than political rhetoric from those in office. What is it going to take for the voting public to stand up and say enough is enough and make change?

Change particularly in the areas of public health, public safety and education.

Wake up, Guam, before it is too late!


Lee P. Webber is a former president and publisher of media organizations on Guam and Hawaii, former director of operations for USA Today International/Asia, and a longtime business and civic leader on Guam.


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