Robert Blum, professor of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, stated in an interview with the American Association of School Administrators: “Military families and military children are amongst the most transient of populations. With high mobility come issues of engagement, disengagement and reengagement.”

On Sunday, while waiting for my husband to finish the United Airlines Guam Marathon's 10K, I met Benjamin and Jayme Bograd with their son, Asher Bograd. They finished the half-marathon with an amazing time of 01:54:58. I had the pleasure of interviewing Asher.

I asked Asher to tell me a little bit about himself and his family.

Asher shared he's 10 years old and in fifth grade at McCool Elementary School. He loves sports and art.

"Dad is a surgeon at the Naval Hospital and an excellent surgeon!" he said. His mom is a medical consultant who helps support medical students with their education process and residency selection.

Asher has a twin sister, Marin.

"I enjoy playing with her," Asher said. "She is an avid biker; she is one of the fastest girls in riding the bike."

Asher said his parents take part in Ironman races. 

He's sports-oriented, too.

"I am involved with jiujitsu, swimming, triathlons and running. My favorite sports are jiujitsu and triathlons. I enjoy long-distance running like 5K, 10K and 13.2 miles. My mom has inspired me to run. I want to be just like her when I grow up – an Ironman racer.”

I asked Asher how he balances schoolwork with extracurricular activities.

He responded, “As soon as we get home, my sister and I do homework. At around 4 p.m. daily, we participate in sports activities. We also have playtime. Sports and grades work for me. I have maintained straight As in all subjects.”

I asked him how it's like to be in a military family, and how it feels to be relocating from one home to another.

Asher acknowledged it's hard moving. "I will miss my friends and family. It is also fun because I will meet so many people from different places around the world."

From Guam, Asher's family will be on the move again. His dad received notice for another permanent change of station to Pensacola, Florida.

"I will miss Guam. I love everything about Guam, most especially the delicious food, the fine sand beaches. I cannot think of anything negative about Guam, except for one thing that stinks. Sometimes there is mold on the fruit that I am eating."

Asher devoted Sunday's half-marathon event to Marissa Peroy.  

"Mrs. Peroy was my fourth-grade teacher. She was one of the best if not the best teacher I have ever had. I hope she recovers quickly after her brain tumor surgery this coming April 20, 2018."

Asher described Mrs. Peroy as an enthusiastic runner who has run lots of marathons.

"She is one of my inspirations to do a full marathon,” Asher said.

As a child of a military family, Asher seems to have found a way to make the most of having to relocate.

Asher said he aims to "have fun, enjoy life and try new things.”

Congratulations, Benjamin and Jayme Bograd, for your parenting skills with your children. Asher will no doubt be a star athlete with compassion and kindness.

For Marissa David Peroy, we are with your student Asher. You are an inspiration to many. All of us in Rainbows for All Children Guam are praying for your speedy recovery. God bless you and your family always!

Marie Virata Halloran, a registered nurse, is a grief recovery specialist and Rainbows for All Children Guam/LifeWorks Guam executive director.

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