December 2019 was the effective date of the ban on cockfighting. To those who view cockfighting as cruel while others as a sport or pastime - here is perhaps a compromise and a "win" for both sides.

• Munga nabaha: Ban knives or blades.

• Usa guantes: Use mitts or gloves (this can be optional; spurs can still be gloveless; the roosters will survive).

• Dos, tres o quatro minutus kada ‘round’: Two to four minutes per round.

• Na’gai chi-mu kada mumu: Limit the number of rounds per match.

These measures make cockfighting safer, certainly more humane than a boxing, MMA or UFC match in which a fighter’s goal is to KO (i.e. cause a concussion to) the opponent. These roosters will live to fight again and again.

A commission or board could be set up. It would establish the rules of engagement such as number of rounds, length of rounds, duties and qualifications of judges and how winners are determined. If properly done, cockfighting "exhibition" matches can be enjoyed once again, be a source of revenue and a marketable attraction for our visitor industry.

Frank S.N. Shimizu is a resident of Yona.


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