Much as we all enjoy standing in line for an hour and more at the Hagåtña Post Office – I mean who doesn’t appreciate an impromptu steam bath or the enjoyment of playing “Guess who’s behind the mask?" – perhaps it’s time to revisit an old practice: Open the blue Dutch door in the outer lobby for parcel distribution – at least at during certain hours of the business day. True, this would curtail the fun and games people are enjoying, but in the interests of efficiency, humanity and sound business sense, it would be the right thing to do.

Opening a dedicated line in the outer lobby for parcel pick-up will not only enable paying patrons to enter into the inner air-conditioned lobby (ahhhh) more quickly, it will also help those of us who are there merely to pick up packages to get out of their way so that their financial business can be more quickly and efficiently transacted.

It will also prevent most of the frustration the gentleman ahead of me in line last Friday had to have felt when, after waiting for an hour and half in said sauna – I mean line – he finally got into the inner lobby and was able to hand his yellow card to one of the clerks. He may have even breathed a sigh of relief. However, his relief was temporary, for the clerk who went to go get his package returned empty-handed. “Sorry, sir. The card must have been placed in the wrong box." True, this gave the gentleman the opportunity to practice graciousness under duress, but I’m sure he would have traded that experience for one involving less self-control had his wait been significantly shorter.

Opening a dedicated parcel pick-up line in Hagåtña would be a win-win for both the post office and all of its patrons. The Barrigada main Postal Service facility has a parcel pickup window in its outer lobby that is open at certain hours to provide relief to its inner lobby lines. Why not Hagåtña?

Amy Soll is a resident of Sinajana.


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