This is in response to the recent letter from Dr. Ellen Bez, titled "The Laws of Guam impose unreasonable barriers for women considering abortion."

Unreasonable? That depends on which side you’re on. Laws prohibiting or allowing abortion, either medical or surgical, will always be unreasonable to either side, and "reasonable" is dependent on which side the law seems to favor most.

Dr. Bez is joining forces with the American Civil Liberties Union in their lawsuit to change Guam’s abortion law to include telemedicine abortion. She claims Guam’s laws are outdated and vowed how safe and effective medical abortion is, and can be done in one’s own privacy.

Dr. Bez makes it sound like taking the life of one’s own child is the same as extracting a tooth.

According to Dr. Thomas Sheih, a board-certified OB-GYN who does not believe in abortion, stated, “There will be complications of bleeding and/or incomplete abortions.” And women who incur life-threatening difficulties from the procedure will need to have doctors and health care providers assist them in what may be a fatal outcome. The doctors who will be assisting them need to be known publicly so that the women will know who to go to.

Dr. Bez, in all the years as a medical doctor, you failed to see how the tragedy of legalized abortion has affected civilized society, and how women have been hurt!

Women, whose natural instinct of nurturing their children are now being led to believe that it’s alright to have an abortion up to the time of birth, and then leaving their baby to die on a table after a failed abortion. It’s called the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The governor of Virginia signed against the bill over a year ago, and it bans support of protecting infants from a failed abortion.

Women are as much the victims as their dead babies! Post-abortion healing services have helped many mothers and fathers who have aborted their children. They suffer tremendously from guilt, anger and depression, and sometimes have suicidal tendencies.

Because abortion has hurt women so much, they have come up with organizations and groups protesting legalized abortion. Active groups are Silent No More, I Regret My Abortion, Project Rachel, Rachel’s Vineyard, etc.

Joining forces with ACLU, to legalize the killing of a child by its own mother, in secret, is still a most heinous and barbaric crime. That’s the selling point: Nobody has to know about it; it is done in secret! Just as sin is "done in secret." That’s how the producers of the abortion pill like it – doing it in the privacy of their own home.

And to those women considering medical abortion, I hope and pray you will never do it. Although no one may ever know of it, you will know it! And it carries with it an insurmountable amount of regrets, which never goes away unless one gets intensive counseling. And without it, the evil deed of abortion stays with you for as long as you live. It will always be present that “you have killed your own baby.”

However, there are aggressive women out there who will deny the sad truth that abortion is a tragedy, calling it just another surgical or medical procedure like getting rid of a kidney stone.

M Scott Peck, a world-renowned psychologist, and author of "The Road Less Traveled," said, “Mental Health is an ongoing process of dedication to truth and reality.” Many men and women suffering from post-abortion syndromes have come to realize the painful truth and admitted that they have killed their own child. They need to go through a healing process.

It is so inspiring and wonderful to see and hear testimonies of women and young girls who changed their minds about having an abortion. The thankfulness and freedom of hearing “Thank God, I didn’t kill my baby!” And sometimes women carry the baby to full term, deliver the baby, and then give the baby up for adoption. Comments like, “It’s so consoling knowing that I didn’t kill my baby, but instead gave it life and gave it to others who will have the joy of raising it as their own.”

Knowing all this, one will never support laws that will kill unborn children.

Mother Teresa spoke so eloquently when she addressed the United Nations Conference on Population and Development in Cairo: “A nation that kills its own children, is a nation without hope.”

Patricia R. Perry is a resident of Piti, Guam.


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