On Feb. 17, early Wednesday morning, Marilou Lacson shared with me the sad passing of our good friend, Rose Tamares Felix. Marilou’s message of sadness was what I dreaded to hear. Yes, our beloved friend has passed, a beautiful lady who brought comfort, reassurance and courage to many.

Upon hearing this unexpected yet expected news, I placed a halt on everything that I was busy with. I kept calm and collected, then shared a prayer of intention. Then as if in a dream, I found myself reliving clips and pondering with deep reflection, reminiscing the past precious memories spent in conversation with my dear well-wisher friend, Rose Tamares Felix.

I have known Rose through the years. She was enigmatic with a good sense of humor. She was dedicated, patient and hardworking both at home and at work. Sharing the news about her daughter, Nikki, getting married gave her much spark, thrill and vivacity. Her other daughter, Amanda, making a decision to get into medical school left her with contentment, hope and vitality.

Rose and husband Chris Felix were so connected in everything they did, whether with their business, their home, visiting their children in college or family vacations. They were a couple perfectly matched in their hopes and dreams. Her selflessness was extended beyond her family circle. She was always so giving and providing for others silently.

Rose exemplified femininity, elegance, refinement and sweetness. She exhibited gentleness, wisdom, harmony and happiness. She shared great passion for Guam’s children. She embodied compassion and empathy for the less fortunate. She understood the grief, the sorrow and anguish of Guam’s youth and young children who are going through painful life transition, more so pronounced during these very grim times of COVID-19 pandemic.

She was altruistic, warmhearted and embracing of the mission of Rainbows for All Children Guam and LifeWorks Guam. She was a concerned and caring citizen. She would often ask me how the program was going and how she can assist.

She would say how lucky she was to be able to reach out to hurting children in her humble way and affirmed that our children are our future.

One exceptional quality that was fundamental to her was her strong faith and unfaltering spirituality that was a central part of her very being. While going through excruciating suffering during her illness, she remained brave like a fearless warrior while her relationship with God became more steadfast and tenacious. More importantly, her impeccable affection for God, her amazing husband, Chris Felix, who never left her side, and her two beloved daughters:

Amanda and Dominique were her lifetime treasures.

Rose, we love you very much and thank you for being you, pure of heart and spirit. The pearly gates of heaven await your arrival! See you in my next life, if I don’t detour to purgatory first.

Marie Virata Halloran is a registered nurse and Rainbows for All Children Guam/LifeWorks Guam executive director.


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