I am urging Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to continue the effective campaign started by former Gov. Eddie Calvo to deport repeat, incorrigible offenders. A small segment of the Federated States of Micronesia community has become increasingly belligerent and combative. Wielding machetes, baseball bats, homemade slingshots, etc. – potentially lethal weapons that have already caused much damage and injury – they seem intent on terrorizing our peaceful island. Last week, a man apparently drunk standing in the middle of the road in Dededo swung a baseball bat at my friend's passing car and smashed his rear window, denting the frame in the process.

Two candidates for immediate deportation should be the two killers of Mr. Alvarez, and the two brothers involved in the recent melee at the University of Guam intersection. Why should Guam taxpayers foot the bill (hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more) to incarcerate these thugs, when the governor can simply commute their sentence and hand them over to the feds to be deported back to their home islands? This is an uber urgent matter that needs to be addressed immediately and aggressively. Any ongoing stipulated reviews of this policy should be fast-tracked and recommendations forwarded to the governor ASAP.

Gregory Woodward is a Mangilao resident.

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