A recent letter writer posits that resistance to the president is crippling America. I believe he has it exactly backward. Mr. Trump has trampled the Constitution of these United States repeatedly. He has embraced authoritarians and dictators ranging from Mr. Putin to Mr. Kim to Mr. Erdogan, all the while impugning the value of our real allies. Most recently, this resulted in throwing the Kurds to the wolves, assuring that potential partners will mistrust us going forward.

He has denigrated the constitutional mandate of the Congress to maintain checks and balances on the executive branch, even to the extent of ordering his employees to commit contempt. He has eviscerated our agricultural heartland by depriving farmers of a market for their goods.

He has consistently assaulted our rights to clean air and water, and is now auctioning off our wilderness to mining interests. He has stolen funds meant to support our military families to support his pet wall.

Like the author, I pray for all Americans and the Constitution. That is precisely why I join a growing list of real conservatives as well as liberals in wanting Mr. Trump returned to the private sector, effective immediately.

Kelly Fitzpatrick is a resident of Santa Rita.

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