I read the article in the front page of the Post newspaper on June 5, 2019, “Machete-wielding men attack drivers, cyclist”.

I was so shocked to realize that such crime really happened on the good island of Guam. I wonder, and I think the question popped up, “Where have they been?” I really appreciate the way Judith Guthertz said it and I quote: “I’m sorry to say these were Compact citizens. They have no respect or civility for our community.”

I also appreciate and want to extend my big thanks to many of us Compact citizens who have been doing so well for the well-being of the good island of Guam. Since many of us already made Guam our home, then naturally, these things must fall in place: We must take care of our good home. We must help clean our good home. We must not litter our good home. Also, let us all, to the best of our abilities, to be crime stoppers in our good home.

Mackelen Mark is a resident of Dededo. 

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