I do not think tourism will ever return to Guam (even after the coronavirus pandemic has passed).

I say this because the world was headed for an international crisis even before the coronavirus triggered massive debt and the threat of a catastrophic recession.

In most of the world, the ratio of working adults to retirees will soon change drastically and suddenly.

This means tax revenues will fall sharply while pensions and health care costs rocket.

We see this already in Japan, the world’s biggest debtor nation, where the ratio of debt to GDP is now 240%!

So I think Guam should forget tourism and focus on convincing people to retire here.

If Guam could package itself as something like “The Florida of the Pacific” (i.e. a retirement mecca) empty hotels could be converted into apartments as was done to the Ladera Tower.

To this end I suggest the Guam Visitors Bureau be renamed the Guam Visitors and Retirees Bureau.

Paul Zerzan is a resident of Barrigada.


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