I'm sure that road safety is an important issue with the Department of Public Works. When driving at night I find it often very difficult to see where the median is and rely on the white lines on the road. But then these also are worn down.

Some of the medians at the traffic lights have obviously been driven over by vehicles as evidenced by the gouged and broken areas.

Is it really that hard to buy a $5 can of fluorescent paint and apply it just to the most dangerous parts? It’s just a one-person job. Rainy night driving is especially hazardous. Fast-driving vehicles only make it worse.

As a local resident, I've delivered to DPW my suggestions to mark the median. Anyone can do the same.

Also, some roads have been nicely improved. It is really appreciated to drive on a smooth road. It's a nice change from the ripples, pockmarks, dipped, low manholes, poor repairs, etc. that we must endure over so much of the DPW-maintained roads.

Perhaps the same spray could mark the worst of these. Then a small crew could patch the minor ones. And, it's really not that hard to do a quality job. I have to hope that DPW employees want to demonstrate pride in workmanship in each repair.

Unfortunately, often road repairs seem to be a quick fix and don't last very long. They could be very smooth and match the existing road surface. Taxpayers would like to be proud of the workmanship of DPW on road maintenance, and well-done repairs can do this.

If taxpayers are interested, DPW has a very nice web page. The number of employees with a department name is also viewable. Of course, all money to run the agency is paid for by taxpayers whether they are Guam residents or are off island, including income taxes paid by federal employees working on Guam. Funding information can also be seen at http://dpw.guam.gov/staff-page/

As we taxpayers are paying the bills, we should expect safe roads, good quality roads and quality workmanship and maintenance.

Paul Tobiason lives in Chalan Pago.

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