Thank you, neighbor, for your kindness

THANK YOU: James "Jim " Brooks and his dog Angel. Photo courtesy of James Brooks

I was walking my dog Thursday night when it began raining, raining steadily really. Out of the dark, one of our neighbors drove up with the window open and an umbrella sticking out. He said to me, “Hey, Mr. Brooks, do you need this umbrella?”

It was such a remarkable gesture. I declined because Angel and I had only a few blocks to go and I wasn’t sure that I’d know where to return the umbrella. But it made me realize again what a truly great community Guam is. After more than 50 years here, I’ve learned that spontaneous generosity and kindness thrive on our island

Thank you, neighbor, and forgive me for not recognizing you at that moment. Darkness and age dimmed my vision. But I won’t forget your kindness.

Jim Brooks is a resident of Nimitz Hill Estates in Piti.

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