Over the last few years, I have visited, on a daily basis, the village of Yigo, more specifically, the Perez Acres Subdivision and the access road to that development. The road, Chalan Lajuna, provides access to residential subdivisions and single-family residences. Unfortunately, Chalan Lajuna is also used as a connector road between Route 15, the back road to Andersen, and Route 1, Marine Corps Drive, for a variety of very heavy equipment, dump trucks, cement transits, tractors hauling trailers transporting wide loads and heavy equipment. As a secondary road, through what is considered and zoned as Agricultural (A), Single Family Residential (R1) and Multi-Family Residential (R2) zones, Chalan Lajuna is 60 feet wide, a public easement, with a single lane in either direction. Because residences, as well as their boundary fencings, are built relatively close to the limits of that 60-foot easement, there is little, if any, room to expand Chalan Lajuna to accommodate the type of heavy equipment traffic using that road as a shortcut.

Open up a connector road on Andy South

I would like to suggest that DPW work with the Navy to open up a connector road between Route 15 and Route 1 going through the Andy South main gate and connecting to two possible roads exiting on Route 1 (not the road adjacent to the Yigo Fire Station and used by residents as a walking and exercise road). Roads through Andy South already exist and were, in the past, used as connections between Routes 1 and 15, before they were closed off, probably to accommodate military drills in urban warfare at Andy South Housing.

Because much of the heavy equipment traffic is related to the military buildup and work on Andersen Air Force Base, widening and improvements on Route 3 and the new Marine cantonment area, use of those roads through Andy South will improve efficiency and should not be an issue for the military.

Neighborhood would welcome end of heavy equipment traffic

Cessation of heavy equipment traffic on Chalan Lajuna, through a busy residential area, will be much appreciated by all the subdivisions and residents of that area. Relieving heavy equipment traffic at the intersection of Marine Corps Drive, made even heavier by the opening of the new Yigo McDonald’s restaurant, will reduce congestion, reduce cost of road repair and reduce the risk of accidents.

I am not a resident of Yigo; but I visit the Perez Acres subdivision daily, so I would urge the mayor of Yigo to work with the governor, Joint Region Marianas and the director of public works to provide safer transit between Routes 1 and 15 and grant relief for the residents along Chalan Lajuna. They can do so by using a safer, less-used road through military land presently not being used for anything except as an annoyance to the civilian population.

Joaquin Perez is a Democrat, former chief of staff to Del. Madeleine Bordallo and a resident of Santa Rita.

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