I am writing to suggest that the government of Guam use some of the forthcoming federal coronavirus aid money to immediately fund the 2020 tax refunds of Guam residents.

Typically, the Department of Revenue and Taxation issues tax refunds on a rolling basis as sufficient money enters the coffers, from my understanding. When enough tax money comes in for a new round of refund checks, Rev & Tax issues refunds to Guam taxpayers. Then Rev & Tax waits a short period, perhaps a couple of weeks, for more revenue to come in, and then issues yet another round of refunds. This process continues throughout the year.

However, this year, Rev & Tax need not wait. A fraction of Guam’s aid package will provide enough money to immediately fund all 2020 tax refunds.

If Rev & Tax did this, Guam residents would receive a significant one-time sum that is, after all, their own money. Refunds in people’s hands would provide a much-needed jolt to the struggling Guam economy, coupled with the individual stimulus checks the aid will also provide. Doing this would also increase tax revenue as businesses on more secure footing pay an increased amount in regular taxes.

Then, Rev & Tax could save the revenue that comes in throughout this year that it had intended to use for 2020 refunds and safeguard it for next year in order to immediately fund the 2021 refunds. And Rev & Tax could continue that pattern indefinitely.

Please consider it.

Steven Haderlie is a resident of Maite.


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