What are the right numbers? Are the numbers acceptable and worthy? The community is asking about our island's financial status.

Decreased revenues, continued unemployment, and bleak outlook don't even have to be asked.

Food banks, homelessness and costs for food are not getting better. Increased personal and commercial debt may not be physically visible, but it is there from the banks' perspective. The light in the tunnel is our hope, but we need to prepare.

It is worrisome, too, both locally and globally, if this health pandemic will ever vanish. The reality is that we do our best to provide safety in the community to minimize the risks. The health risks are still there and preventive expenses will have to continue.

Will anyone be able to address the financial status to our people? Be cautious, work together, be respectful to opinions, and more importantly, instill with confidence when talking about what our people and our island want to know.

Frank Lizama is a resident of Tamuning.


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