Kevin Delgado, owner of Hot Doggådo food truck in Mangilao, was born with the spark of an entrepreneur, according to his father, Frank Delgado.

"I think the first day he was born he was already sparking," says the senior Delgado.

The father and son, along with mom Pat Delgado, run the cleverly named portable establishment across from the village mayor's office where the street market is held Thursday nights.

"It originated because my parents wanted to own a restaurant. So, on their 41st anniversary we got them a hot dog stand," says Kevin Delgado, still wearing a full-size hot dog costume he uses to flag down customers from the roadside.

Kevin Delgado says all of his parents' grandchildren love to eat hot dogs, which served as inspiration for the main staple on their menu.

'It's all about food and familia'

The business is a family affair that brings the close-knit clan even closer.

"For us, it's all about being together and eating together. It's all about food and familia," he says.

Fittingly, the family drew from their last name when deciding on what to call the stand.

"We wanted to do a play on the word 'hot dog.' Because our name is Delgado. That's how we got the name Hot Doggådo." Kevin Delgado's parents have a menu item named after them.

What's on the menu?

Named after his dad, the Let's Be Frank is a basic hot dog with your choice of condiments. And the Auntie Patty, named after his mom, is a hamburger built inside of a hot dog bun.

Nachos, chili, cheese and jalapenos top the Nacho Average Dog and the K Dog comes dressed with a mouthwatering blend of kimchi, lemon-soaked onions and Japanese dressing.

For lovers of all things spicy, the signature Hot Doggådo Spicy Dog is loaded with chili peppers and Sriracha sauce, and should do the trick.

"It's hot on hot on hot. So, it's pretty crazy," says Kevin Delgado.

Hot Doggådo serves all-beef wieners plus a variety of daily specials including his mom's homemade tinaktak, juicy spare ribs and a generously portioned Loco Moco.

The hot dogs start at just $3. Delgado says keeping prices affordable is important to him "so people can have a good meal and don't break the bank."

A good meal, a good price and good feelings all come together at Hot Doggådo.

Kevin Delgado says he enjoys "really extending a hand to the community and letting them know we love and appreciate them, too, by giving them food that is tasty but very much in their budget."

Lunch with the family

On most days, Kevin Delgado says he and his six siblings gather for lunch at the family stand. But whether or not you're a part of the family, the Delgados will make you feel like you are.

"We create an environment where they become family instantly, even if it's just for lunch period," Kevin Delgado says of his customers.

Opened just three months ago, Hot Doggådo is new to the food scene on Guam but, like a good friend, hopefully they stick around for long while.

Stop by and be part of the family.


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