Only at RECON 2019 would adoring fans get to hang out with a 7-foot-tall Gundam, spar with Mulan or kick back with a few Power Rangers. The two-day affair lived up to its hype as hundreds of anime fans and gamers descended on the Hotel Nikko Guam for the two-day event this past week. 

The annual cosplay event rocked the house as dozens donned their favorite character, bringing the colors and imagination of Otaku to life. Various anime, Marvel and gaming characters strolled the ballroom with mere mortals competing in games of chance, music and battle. 

A costume contest capped the two-day affair. Ross McAfee's Red Predator dominated the walkway, taking home top honors in the contest. The Dark Knight from Final Fantasy 14, Jo Vera, was a hit with the audience, grabbing a silver finish. And, everybody loves a hero as Marines – Ramon Quinata and Darren Caldwell – from HALO took home third place in the cosplay competition.