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Spots on The Rock

Cruise the coast

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Life's a beach, but we can cruise the coast!

Take advantage of the island's low tides and set out to tour the coast, while it's safe and promising. According to local tide charts, Guam's waters have been relatively shallow in recent weeks, and will be for another few weeks.

And while shallow water isn't typically rejoiced at the beach, it makes it all the more easier and safer to venture out closer to the reef where you can explore natural swimming holes and get up close and personal with marine life.

Here we have 10 Spots on The Rock calling for you to explore the coast. Simply look up the hike name on or scan the QR code for directions and more information.

Happy hiking!

Gun Beach to Tanguisson Beach

Besides being home to a breezy bar and sandy, seaside volleyball court, toward the end of Gun Beach is a cool cliffside path to a remote, rocky wonderland.

Scour the white sandy shores of Faifai Beach for stunning seashells, and wade into the nearby water for a quick refresh.

Hopping from boulder to boulder below the cliffs of touristy Two Lovers Point, the towering limestone walls are a majestic sight to see on island.

Akin to the cobblestone coasts of the United Kingdom, dotted with boulders of all shapes and sizes, the low-lying coasts of northeastern Guam are a rocky wonder of their own.

Just around the site of a local legend is one last leg of soft sand and tropical greenery. Ending at Tanguisson Beach, a gemstone of a getaway, take a dip and cool off after your rousing, rocky journey.

Hila'an Beach to Shark's Hole

If you're up for a long walk on the beach under the hot, hot sun, this one's for you! The trek from Hila'an Beach to Shark's Hole will remind you why island life is the only life worth living.

Swiftly sailing across sand beds under the scorching sun, you'll work up a sweat – but with a cool breeze sweeping in, you won't mind.

Signature to this coastal cruise, dozens of unique limestone rock formations dot the seashore, and beds of tropical shrubbery drape the shoreline.

At Shark's Hole, dive into the deep end to discover an underwater utopia bursting with life.


Venturing into the jungle, Pågat is popular for its CHamoru cultural significance and freshwater cave, but its true beauty shines along the shimmering coastline.

While there isn't a morsel of sand in sight, the rocky coast is alive with the spirit of adventure and is a prime spot for picturesque views.

Of particular interest is a natural rock arch that hangs over crashing waves, a mesmerizing production put on by Mother Nature.

Explore the rocky kingdom near and far, and while you're bathing in the sun, bask in the beauty of one of the island's natural wonders.

1,000 Steps

If it only took 1,000 steps to reach the paradise of your dreams, would you take your first step tomorrow?

While the hike is commonly known as 1,000 Steps, the destination is Tagu'an Point, which brings us as close as we'd like to be to a thrashing ocean.

One of the more manicured hikes on island, avail of the sturdy staircase and handrails that lead all the way to the coast.

Breathtaking views of a vibrant island valley are in sight the whole way down and a nice, cool breeze rolls in routinely.

As you tour the limestone-studded land, which is blanketed by beds of tropical greens, look to the north and south for faraway specks of civilization.

Ga'an Beach to Facpi Island

If you loved "Jurassic Park," you'll love this hike. Obviously, there aren't any ferocious or friendly dinosaurs to be seen, but as you trek through one of the most isolated parts of the island, a whole new world opens up.

Besides a couple of river crossings and some shallow seashore wading, most of this hike is a long walk on the beach. But it's much more than that.

Along the remote Agat coastline, there are tons of tropical treasures to seek. Look out for unique seashells, supreme skipping stones, Spanish-era pottery shards and interesting finds that might wash in from around the world.

At Facpi Island, dive or snorkel around to see a reef roaring with life, and an ocean filled to the brim with adventure.

Sella and Cetti Bays

With an old Spanish bridge, pottery remnants, latte stones and a traditional hotnu (oven), this one's for the history buffs!

After journeying down to scenic Sella Bay, the perfect postcard opportunity arises in the form of a 300-year-old bridge, constructed by Spanish soldiers in the 17th century.

With what must have been masterful masonry, the Spanish did a bang-up job with the brick-built bridge, which has withstood tons of typhoons and the brunt of time.

Cruising south to Cetti Bay, peruse the shoreline for peculiar shells and gems of all kinds, and when you finally get there, dive in to see one of the island's best snorkeling spots.

Fouha Bay

The birthplace of the human race occurred at Fouha Bay in Umatac, according to local legend. One particularly protruding rock at the northern end of the bay is the remnant of mankind's creation.

The shimmering sea and towering coconut trees around it also cater to the charming nature of the tale, but even better, they're real!

After descending one short hill, the reward is a remote slice of paradise. Explore a rocky shoreline crawling with duk duks (hermit crabs), and swim around the bay to see the depths of its beauty.

When it's time, visit Fouha Rock on your right, and ready yourself for a spiritual awakening.

Umatac and Toguan Bays

If you want a little bit of everything you might find along the coast, including a short coastal cruise, this one's for you!

Wrapped around the border of Umatac and Merizo, the breezy beach walk from Umatac Bay to Toguan Bay is a trek through paradise.

Hop and skip over a few rocks to reach the southern mouth of Umatac Bay, where you'll embark on a quick cakewalk across volcanic flats and sandy shores.

Settling down along the sleepy shores of Toguan Bay, hop once more into the water for a refreshing journey into a sea stirring with life.

Turtle Cove to Taga'chang Beach

Contrasting the countless long walks on the beach you can cross off your list, the seaside sojourn from Turtle Cove to Taga'chang Beach in Yona is unlike any other.

Turtle Cove is a local hotspot for thrilling leaps, superior snorkeling and plain old swimming. Just around the turtle, whisk away to an action-packed place poised for adventure.

Crossing over the reef flats in close proximity to potentially dangerous waves crashing nearby, explore the majestic Yona cliff line with its seas of seaweed and large limestone boulders.

On a good day, you can hop into small natural swimming pools on the outer edge of the reef, but since good days are hard to come by, crash into the warm waters of Taga'chang Beach to get your fix if need be.

Ipan Beach

With spots of shade here and there, and splashes of sunshine everywhere, breeze through the seaside community of Ipan, Talofofo, for a breath of fresh air.

Camp out under the tree canopy as you cruise over a mixture of sandy, grassy trails at the onset. After crossing a river, the long beach walk begins.

Grab a bite to eat at Jeff's Pirates Cove, and head south on your sandy journey. You'll pass a few Japanese-made, World War II-era pillboxes and former American campsites as well.

Ending at a signature southern locale, First Beach, catch your breath lying on soft beds of sand, or snorkel through the warm waters to close out a cool day along the coast.


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