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Endless wonders await at Waterfall Valley

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Make the most of the island's wet wonders with a trip to not one, not two, but a series of five unique waterfalls in the valley depths of Inarajan.

An incredibly short and easy hike, the trek through Waterfall Valley is a great beginner's hike and a perfect outdoor introduction for kids and pets, too.

Before we head out, note that there will be two parking spots. Although it's one hike, the trek is split into two distinct trails along a river valley in Malojloj.

The first leg of the hike leads to the second largest waterfall in the valley, complete with a large swimming pool and several smaller ones atop.

The second portion of the hike continues downstream, connecting a series of four smaller waterfalls with their own charming characteristics.

Although this southern river valley cruise is short and sweet, be sure to wear proper shoes. Most of the hike requires walking over slick and slippery surfaces, and in one instance – directly down a waterfall face.

Waterfalls 1 through 5

For the purposes of this hike, we will refer to the five waterfalls found along the way as Waterfalls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

To begin from the first parking spot, find the noticeable trail immediately atop the hill and to the right of the coconut tree you parked by. The path is walled off by swaths of sword grass and ascends a small sand dune.

Waterfall 1, although connected by the same Aslinget River, is divided from the rest due to jungle overgrowth and a buildup of natural debris.

Follow the path to the top of a grassy hill with sweeping views of the Malojloj valley beyond. To the right, in the distance, is the Inarajan solar farm.

If you look straight down at the valley before you, you'll see a distinct bamboo grove in the near distance. The first waterfall lies in there, so keep it as your mark.

Before descending the hill, note that there will be branching paths. However, all eventually connect and end in the same place. Use your best judgement to pick a path best for you.

Nearing the bottom of the moderately steep descent, the trail will become much narrower with a few dips. Once you begin to enter a jungle, you're only seconds away!

Limbo your way underneath hanging branches and before you know it, Waterfall 1, also known as Malojloj Falls, will be cascading before you.

Take a dip in the refreshing swimming hole here, or trek up to the top of the falls to explore some other interesting features.

To get there, cross the small river near the entrance and hop across the protruding river rocks to get to the other side. Follow the trail up a small dirt hill, rounding a bamboo cluster to your right.

Find the next visible footpath up a semisteep hill beside the waterfall face. Watch your footing and look out for any handholds that can assist your climb.

Soon, you'll emerge atop the waterfall! Up here are multiple miniature freshwater pools, bursting with life in the form of guppies, shrimp, tadpoles and other tiny creatures (including mosquitoes).

I don't recommend swimming in these small and mostly-still freshwater pools, but the courageous might opt to take the 20-foot leap into the main pool at the bottom of the falls. The pool below is about 8 to 12 feet deep in most areas, so it's perfectly safe.

Moving right along

If jumping's not for you, retrace your steps to the bottom, and back up the valley hills to your car. Less than a minute down the road is the next parking spot.

From the second parking spot, find the straightforward path into the valley nearby. The trail is lined with a few old telephone poles and more sword grass.

Enter the sand dune and follow the path ahead as it veers to the right. Note that the trail will break off, but stay on the paths to the right. Soon, it will descend into a short scramble down a semisteep sand dune.

Continue through the fern-lined path as it meets another, steeper drop. This sheer descent is the hardest part of the hike, so make your way down carefully with the assistance of the provided rope. At the bottom, reap the reward of the refreshing Aslinget River water.

To your left, find the top of Waterfall 2, which flows from the first waterfall we visited. Waterfall 2 is characterized as a small, cascading waterfall with a deep pool, despite a big boulder submerged dead center.

To get to the bottom, scoot down the face of the trickling waterfall on your butt, and carefully hop off to the base. Feel free to take a dip or continue the hike.

With great caution and care, especially if hiking with kids and pets, avoid veering too close to the nearby cliff. The deadly drop-off is about a 50-foot plunge into shallow waters and dangerous grounds.

To the left of this sheer drop, find the jungle path that leads to the next waterfall. Follow the straightforward trail through a short jungle junction, trekking over a few large rocks and grounded branches.

Tallest of the falls

Emerge from the jungle on the other side, along the same river we've become familiar with at this point. Find the continuous path to the right and follow the river upstream to Waterfall 3.

After a short stride upstream, you'll see towering Waterfall 3 come into view. This waterfall is characterized as the tallest of the five falls, showering down from about 50 feet.

The wide swimming hole is mostly shallow at about 2 to 3 feet deep all around, so a nice, cool-off underneath the falls is worth the wade over the swamp-like surface.

To get to Waterfalls 4 and 5, retrace your footsteps back to the jungle entrance from which you recently emerged, and follow the river downstream in the other direction.

Jungle gem

Barely a minute away is Waterfall 4, a hidden gem within the jungle. You'll spend most of your time here, so set up camp nearby.

While there isn't much water falling at this waterfall, the small swimming pool here is a tropical treat. Cowabunga from above and explore the small, hidden cave behind the waterfall, which is big enough for about three people with standing room.

The last item on our jungle agenda is Waterfall 5, which requires no further travel as it's right next door!

Waterfall 5 is characterized as a wide waterfall with an even wider swimming pool. The only way down is to jump into its deep waters from nearby Waterfall 4.

There's a conveniently placed boulder sitting in the middle of the pool, a great spot to cool down and enjoy the natural splendor surrounding you.

To return to the top, find the naturally made footholds along the right side of Waterfall 5, and avail of the provided rope draping over the falls.

To get back to your car, retrace your steps past Waterfalls 5, 4 and 2, ascend the dunes we passed on the way in, and climb the grassy hills back to the main road.

Happy hiking!


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