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Spots on The Rock

Just around the river bend to Tarzan Swim Hole

All-inclusive adventure to tranquil Tarzan Swim Hole

"To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing what's waiting just around the river bend," Pocahontas sang in the 1995 Disney animated classic, as she paddled in her canoe to a great unknown.

Inspired by nature's favorite Disney princess, cruise through a few clay mesas, glide over a grassy savanna and traverse a rocky riverbed to reach a natural wonder, just around the river bend.

Tarzan Swim Hole is another gorgeous hidden gem, great for families and pets – and a good beginner's hike, too.

The hike to the sizable swim hole, located along an Ylig River junction in Yona, is a fun-filled journey for all hikers. It's one of our personal favorites!

You'll see colorful clay, fields of wild orchids and some pretty interesting geology along the river.

At the swim hole, there are multiple miniature pools and a couple of thrilling jump opportunities, including one with a Tarzan rope!

Note, there are many meandering social trails and no straightforward path for the first half of the hike. While the directions listed below should suffice, I recommend using additional resources or hiking with someone who is familiar with the trail.

Stick a fork in it

To start, walk around the chain-link fence, through an opening to the left. Immediately, you'll come to a fork. The path to the left leads to Tarzan Falls, so take the path to the right for the swim hole.

Follow this trail through the jungle for a just a couple of minutes, until it arrives at red-dirt terrain. The hike gets tricky here as we enter the mesa.

With many paths leading off in different directions, generally descend along the paths to the left. Avoid following the wind turbine fence, as that trail leads to Tarzan Falls.

After about 15 to 20 minutes of descending through the desert-like area, the path should transition into a grassy trail. The trek through the upcoming savanna is much easier to follow.

Enjoying the nice, cool breeze out in open plains, keep an eye out for the nearby fields of wild purple and white orchids.

In another 10 to 15 minutes, you'll begin to climb a small hill ahead. Shortly thereafter, the trail will split into multiple paths, but this time, they all lead to the same spot. Choose any path here. 

At the bottom of the last hill, you should hear the Ylig River rushing nearby. Find the steep drop and final descent to the river just a few feet away. Be careful climbing down this short-but-sheer drop. Butt-scooting is acceptable!

Around the bend

Upon reaching the riveting river, the swim hole is only 10 minutes downstream, just around the river bend!

Follow the path carved along the side of the river to your right. The trail terminates about halfway down, so you'll have to cross the river to the other side.

Make your away across by skipping over one of the many large boulder slabs in the river. After crossing, you'll have to walk through the river to reach the end. However, the shallow river water never rises more than 2 feet.

Continue downstream with the rushing water, hooking a left as you follow the bend of the river. Tarzan Swim Hole and its many miniature pools should be visible at this point.

Traverse the rocky area ahead as you near the end of the hike. Watch your footing, as the bedrock is slick and slippery.

A dip in the deep

After exploring the rocky wonderland and freshwater features, you should've arrived at Tarzan Swim Hole. Settle your stuff along the large, slanted stone slab beneath your feet.

Take a dip in the deep main pool for a quick refresh. Then consider some thrilling options!

Facing the swim hole, to your left you'll find a trusted rope attached to an old, but sturdy tree. Channel your inner Tarzan and practice your best ape-man yodel as you plunge into the pleasant waters below.

Across the rocky platform you're currently on is another slanted rock ledge, where you can jump from heights of 4 to 12 feet into the deep end. Simply swim across to the other side.

After soaking in the refreshing freshwater, consider soaking in some sun, laying against the tilted stone slab for optimum sun-kissing.

After a day of exploring what lies just beyond the river bend, simply retrace your steps to your car.

Happy hiking!

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