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New heights

Guam hikers share memories of 2017

From the highs and lows of 2017, we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another new year, anxious to set our sights on new heights in 2018.

If you found yourself jumping into Tarzan Swim Hole or Ague Cove, relaxing underneath the cool, refreshing waters of Sigua Falls or San Carlos Falls, or even taking a long walk along the coast near Sella and Cetti Bay, or Hila'an Beach to Lost Pond – it couldn't have been that bad, right?

2017 was a sublime year for hiking! And we can confirm this due to the endless streams of landscape love shared on social media.

Whether it was a weekend filled with slips and tumbles on the way to Cetti Falls, or an easy, breezy weekday stint to Priest's Pools or Haputo Beach, every hike has been a memorable one.

Chances are, your hikes are some of the most memorable occasions of the year.

Cherishing the journey

You'd never forget walking miles under the blazing sun, forging through murky river water, and traveling up and down slope after dreadful slope.

Hiking is hard work, as you'll come to know. You're bound to contribute blood, sweat and even tears in your feat to reach certain destinations.

But we know all too well that the sometimes blistering and other times blissful consequences of hiking are just a part of the journey.

We sport our sword-grass cuts and mud-drenched clothes as well-earned badges. We show our sun-kissed skin, salty hair and worn-out shoes with pride.

Best of all, we cherish our outdoor memories of conquering new heights with friends and family, and we can never wait until the next!

Featured are submissions from Spots on the Rock readers who wanted to share a glimpse of their favorite hiking memories of 2017, and why they enjoy hiking on Guam.

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