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Spots on the Rock

Sublime sunsets in paradise

‘Only on Guam’ sunsets foster fellowship, inspire imagination

There’s always at least one thing you can look forward to every day when living on Guam.

It comes and passes every day around 6 p.m.

It starts off as a yellow that leaves a yearning for more. Then it turns into a subtle orange and sometimes rages into red.

It occasionally mimics a cotton candy machine, mixing a playful pink with a baby blue.

Sometimes the two mix together to create a peaceful purple, a magnetic magenta or perhaps even some other whimsically named Home Depot paint swatch color.

Best of all, sometimes all of these colors will blend together — creating an art show like no other — resembling a painter’s messy palette, after the masterpiece, of course. 

You see it above the horizon on your drive home or bursting through your office’s window blinds.

You might catch it near the end of your evening jog or while you’re packing up your belongings at the beach.

Need I say more? You know what I’m talking about.

A Guam sunset. 

Something to look forward to

Not just any sunset, a Guam sunset is something to marvel, and it’s definitely worthy of its own news feature.

Far and away, one of the greatest gifts life has to offer is a chance to enjoy any of Guam’s sunsets on any given day. This is a fact observed by many.

Curious onlookers could drive to a number of ideal sunset spots — virtually anywhere along the island’s west coast — and chances are you’ll see one common factor.

With a phone in hand and the camera app open, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see tourists and residents alike all doing the same exact thing: taking a once-in-a-lifetime picture of the sunset.

Except, at least for residents of the island, this sun-setting phenomenon is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience, nor is it even a rare occurrence.

Living on Guam, every resident looks forward to the end of the day, and not just because we’re clocking out or leaving school, but because we know we can count on enjoying a colorful display of lights in the sky to remind us that maybe life isn’t so monotonous.

Beyond the average sunset seeker, beautiful works of art have been the product of Guam’s sunsets. Artists are often inspired to be playful with their color palettes and even photographers delight in their long exposure superstar shots.

Guam’s active scenes cite our sunsets as motivation to push forward. Paddlers, most of all, find peace and a pat on the back in the setting sun after a long evening’s stroke.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Guam sunsets are a daily occurrence, and they’ve always been a topic of discussion too, especially online.

Sun-kissed for days

It happens ever so often that the skies can’t decide their chosen hues for the day. It’s then that viewers are treated to a splash of yellow and orange here and a tint of purple and blue there.

These are days when you just know your Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds are 99 percent sunset photos, but is anybody complaining? Nope!

And why would you?

It’s no mystery that the sun-kissed residents of Guam embrace a collective and shared attitude that Guam sunsets are simply … the best.

So, if you aren’t already — for whatever odd reason — join in on this sunset sharing sensation!

Since we do have our overcast and rainy days, there are times when the sun will fade into the dark, unannounced and without a show. 

However, most days are very likely to showcase a sky canvas creatively composed of a comforting sequence of colors above our island paradise.

With that in mind, try your best not to miss the show! Venture to virtually anywhere along the island’s western coast for spectacular views of the setting sun.

Pull your phone out to capture that one-of-a-kind sunset, and don’t forget to share it online with your friends and family who aren’t so fortunate to call Guam home.

Hashtag “nofilter,” “onlyonGuam” and “sunsetsfordays” as much as you want! No one’s judging.

Everyone loves and appreciates a good Guam sunset, and if there were anything to change, we’d probably only wish they were longer.


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