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Sunsets only on Guam
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Sunsets only on Guam

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It's a quarter to 5 p.m. and you can't take your eyes off the clock.

As soon as the top of the hour hits, you're bolting for the door and moving with a little more motivation to your car than you did after lunch.

The drive home starts, and with it, another ticking clock counts down to the moment at home when you get some peace of mind. Except, that moment is now!

Out of the blue, the world opens up around you and a stunning light show is streaming across your windshield.

Just like that, your worries and woes wash away with the colors of the sky.

Guam sunsets have that soothing effect. We're lucky to take it all in daily.

Glowing with pride in paradise

Whether it's on our way home, out to dinner, after a day at the beach or closing out your evening run – we can almost always count on a sublime sunset to keep us glowing with pride in paradise.

Each day, we get this gorgeous gift plastered across our blue island skies, but the sunset isn't so strict with its color palette.

There are days the sky turns into a cotton candy machine, spewing soft pink and baby blue hues. Other times, the sky is a raging fire, burning with bright red or orange tones. Still other times, the sky is calm and quiet, drifting into the night with a peaceful purple and cool blue canvas.

No matter where it lands on nature's creative color wheel, we get to bask in the warmth of Guam's gorgeous sunsets from the best seats in the world.

This dazzling light display casts a warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts.

It makes us glad to call this island home, because these kinds of quality sunsets truly are "only on Guam."


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